Where Bonds are Formed and Memories are Made

Key Benefits


Our team takes pride in promoting a culture that embraces respect, loyalty, and camaraderie above all else. We believe in our vision of building a brand that empowers positivity, promotes professionalism, and nurtures an atmosphere that fosters genuine friendship. We stay tight knit and always look out for one another.


We encourage our members to explore their personal interests and offer opportunities for them to pursue their passions. Whether choosing to play casually, stepping out of their comfort zone and becoming a streamer, or taking on responsibilities as a leader; we strive to promote the growth of our members.


Keeping our community consistently engaged is very important to us. Our leadership team hosts weekly game nights and bi-monthly tournaments. We consistently have open parties running across a variety of games for our members to join. No one is left out and everyone is given the equal opportunity to participate.


Creating content that is true to our brand is a vital way we connect with our audience. We intend our content to tell our story through the eyes of our members, content creators, and leaders. Our community plays a critical role in providing us with the content that documents their most memorable moments.

Years of History

Interested In Joining?

Filling out an application is the first step to applying for membership into our community. We require all applicants to be at least 17 years of age. If you are underage, you are welcome to apply once you have reached the minimum age for membership. A member of our leadership team will respond to your application within 24 hours to schedule an interview. If you have any questions or concerns prior to applying, we invite you join our public discord server. Our team is available around the clock and is happy to assist.

Our Community

I purchased my first video game system when I was 21 and instantly fell in love with gaming. Over the years gaming changed and you could actually play online with other players. Then one day I found an advertisement for a group called DUSK Combat Force. I filled out an application, did an interview, and in a couple of weeks I was a full member of what is probably the best community you’ll ever find online. As gaming evolves so does our community. And it’s not just about the games it’s about the people and how we connect. We get to know other people from around the world and we have fun gaming no matter what the experience level is. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert DUSK is a true gaming community. We are here for each other whether it’s playing a game or needing someone to talk too. By the way that first system I bought was over 40 years ago. Not many people in their 60’s still play video games, but I am accepted here just like any other player.

WVUFANCommunity Member

When a friend introduced me to DUSK, I thought it sounded great, but needed to see for myself. I was welcomed in with open arms and made to feel like family. As a casual gamer (who’s also a girl) I was thrilled to play with people who didn’t care about my gender or how skilled I was. They treated me as an equal and were happy to go through the learning curves of playing a new game with me. I’ve grown so much as an individual and a gamer because of DUSK. Now anytime someone mentions needing a squad or just cool people to play with, I mention DUSK because I truly feel there isn’t a better bunch or people.

GINGERLOVINCommunity Member

It all began when I decided to buy a game called Rainbow Six Siege. I played for a while until I got burned out of playing solo. I began to search for a gaming community and one lucky day I came across a post from DUSK that said that they were looking for more members to join their community. I told myself to give it a try and applied. After I was accepted, my journey began. I met so many people that welcomed me into the community. I really felt that it was more than just a community. I was shown how to improve my in game abilities and was even taught how to better speak and type in English as I am from Croatia and it is not my native language. The time came when some staff openings became available and I saw this as my opportunity to strive for a higher role and prove myself. Now I am a leader. DUSK is the best community to be in. We are more than just a gaming community. We are all one big happy family and support each other. I can’t wait for what the future holds.

JAYIROBECommunity Member

Before joining DUSK, I was on another team that wasn’t all that it lived up to. I was trying to find something more, people to play with, and no toxicity. Choosing DUSK was the best thing I’ve done. With a consistent community, there will always be endless fun. I tell newcomers that there is no need to feel like you have to prove something. I love the personal connection that I have with members of the community. It’s so close that I can personally call or text another member outside of Discord to help with homework or give life advice. That is what pushed me to be a leader. I love contributing and watching the community grow. With these amazing opportunities, I can honestly not leave an amazing community as awesome as DUSK Combat Force.

SCRUBZCommunity Leader